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What We Can Do For You and Your Business

General Services

Engineering Design

From concept sketches, to fully optimised 3D models and engineering drawings, Vitesse Engineering Services can take your idea and prepare it for manufacture.


If you have a preference on the CAD system used, chances are that we can use your chosen system so that you can use and modify your data in your chosen CAD environment. If not, we can supply neutral formats ready for conventional machining or rapid prototyping, and drawings in pdf format.


If mass reduction is important on your project, structural optimisation can be carried out so that unstressed material is eliminated.


With experience in calculations from fastener loading and tightening procedures, through crankshaft balance to cam-profile design (including evaluation of oil film thickness, materials requirements and valve spring design), we are not afraid to deploy the calculator, Excel or any relevant software to properly analyse your problem.

Analysis and Simulation 

1D Simulation: There are 1D simulation packages which are suited to the analysis of everything from nuclear plant cooling systems to engine performance. We have good experience with these, having done extensive work on engine cycle simulations and precision cooling.

Finite Element Stress Analysis (FEA): With specialist stress-analysis software, we can place realistic loads and restraints on your components to show the stress levels, and how much deflection (movement) there is in an component when under load.


We can also predict the natural frequency of your components, to check for any damaging resonant effects in service. It is also possible to predict thermal behaviour (for instance convective cooling), buckling, response to shock loading and random vibration. We have experience in these types of problems.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Using fluid-dynamics software, we can model the flow of gases and liquids over, around and through your product, for example modelling the airflow over a car, or the flow of water in a cooling system.

Manufacture / Rapid Prototyping 

With small in-house manufacturing facilities and close links to a network of specialist producers, we can manufacture your prototype designs quickly and effectively.


We have two rapid prototyping machines in house and have close links with a network of specialist producers. In house we can produce parts in a number of SLA resins, including flexible and high-temperature polymers. We can also produce very strong, stiff components in nylon with planar layers of continuous glass or carbon fibre.


We are also commissioning a small CNC lathe and milling machine for producing machined components.


Materials and Failure Analysis 

With 20+ years of materials selection experience and contacts with the best specialist suppliers and producers of metallic and polymer materials, we can advise you on what you need to make your design work.

With many years of experience in analysing component and assembly failures for clients, we can help you work out what went wrong, why it went wrong and how to prevent it. If you don't know what your parts are made from, we work with specialists to analyse the composition and structure of metals, so it need not remain a mystery


Reverse Engineering

We can help you reverse engineer your existing products for which you no longer have drawings or models available. We have in-house measurement and access to optical scanning and CMM equipment.

CAD and Analysis Options

CAD Systems*
Catia V5 / 3DExperience
PTC Creo 

Siemens NX
Autodesk Fusion 360
Abaqus FEA
Nastran FEA
Autodesk Fusion 360 FEA
Ansys CFD / FEA

OpenFoam CFD (via BARAM GUI)
Ricardo WAVE: 1D Engine Cycle Simulation
Flownex SE: Flow network simulation

* Some of these options have a minimum term or require an upfront payment. Please contact us to see what options are the most appropriate and cost effective for your project.

Specialist Experience 

If you have requirements for engineering support in the following areas, please contact us:

  • IC engine design and analysis.

  • Pure EV / hybrid-electric system mechanical design, including electrical machines and packaging of batteries and inverters.

  • Fastener design, fatigue assessment, and calculations for preloading (e.g. torque / stretch etc)

  • Special purpose machining equipment and manufacturing fixturing / tooling



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