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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

With a background in designing for manufacture, we can assist you with your manufacturing project. From designing for specific processes for one-off parts, through the design of production jigs and fixtures, to special purpose machine tool design for those jobs which nobody else can do, we are here to assist

Manufacturing Engineering

Special-purpose machinery, jigs and fixtures

We have experience in the design of on-site machine tools for those "impossible jobs" which can't be taken into a machine shop. In industries as diverse as aerospace, sub-sea, oil and gas, military decommisioning, nuclear propulsion and civil nuclear, we can help you turn an impossible job into a possibility.


We have designed drilling machines for piercing and emptying welded hydrazine rocket fuel pods, milling machines for aero engine mounting pylons, milling and turning machines for nuclear applications, waterjet-cutting machines for sub-sea applications, case cutters, hot-tapping drills and flange facing machines.

We have also undertaken significant manufacturing capability activities, helping critical sectors introduce modern manufacturing techniques, helping them define, design and commission specialised tooling for processes from machining and forging to wire-EDM, TIG, and electron-beam welding and various specialised inspection techniques.

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