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With a network of truly world-class manufacturing partners, with the capability to produce machined, cast, moulded, composite and rapid-prototyped components, we can help you turn your concept into reality, from one-off parts to full working assemblies.


Polymer Prototype Parts

With in-house manufacturing capability to produce rapid prototyped (RP) parts in a range of polymers, bonded composite assemblies and machined parts.


Projects for which we have produced functional RP parts in house include small satellites, LED automotive lighting, manufacturing tooling, motorsport pit equipment and parts for test equipment being used by an automotive OEM. These are working parts, being used on test rigs, in workshops and at race ciruits around the world.


With levels of detail which are fine enough to produce M5 threads into which fasteners easily screw, our SLA machine can produce parts in a range of materials.



Our filament deposition machine can produce nylon components with planar layers of continuous glass or carbon fibre, capable of producing strong, stiff light components with internal lattice structures. These components can be dyed almost any colour.


We can also turn to our specialist manufacturing partners who can produce more complex bespoke parts to the very highest standards in metals, plastics and composites.


Let Vitesse Engineering Services help you to turn your ideas into reality.

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