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EV / Hybrid Powertrain Design

EV / Hybrid Powertrain
With experience of working on automotive EV powertrains from wheel motors to e-axles, and hybrid systems for Le Mans and F1, Vitesse can help you increase the reliability and power density of your e-motors, improve the packaging of your power electronics and help the cooling of your batteries, power electronics and transmissions.
From the mechanical design of propulsion motor/generator units through miniaturisation of HV connectors to lightweight enclosures for power electronics and batteries, we have experience in a number of areas that can help you.
We can help with simulation, from assessing electromagnetic concepts and planning of precision cooling systems for integrated motor / transmission assemblies.

EV / Hybrid  Powertrain Engineering

Grand Prix Winning Engineering.
Applied to your Project

Vitesse Engineering Services has been honoured to be part of some amazing F1 projects on powertrain electrification; Vitesse has led the mechanical redesign of race-winning F1 e-motors, packaged F1 race-winning batteries and power electronics, designed HV cables to link the major elements together and been responsible for all aspects of hybrid system reliability for an OEM F1 entrant.

With pure EV and hybrid experience from the late 1990s to some of the latest F1 systems, we can help you achieve more with any aspect of your system, from mass reduction to improved performance and reliability. We have worked on motor / generator units, batteries, power electronics, HV cables, e-axles and wheel motors.

These skills and experience have been applied to automotive e-motor design, power electronics packaging and engineering including FE analysis for shock loading (kerb strike) and random vibration.

Additionally, we have led e-axle precision cooling projects, providing research, design and 1D / 3D simulation.

Mass reduction, improvements to cooling and increased reliability are what we aim for.

Classes and Championships:

FIA Formula 1

Endurance: LMP-GT

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